ASW Marketplace

The backfire of business with the fresh wave of the pandemic has come as a major blow to the industry. Now the choice is to take a step backwards in the revival process or keep moving forward in preparation for the time when the market is more stable and ready to grow.

It is indeed a happy gesture that many companies across the subcontinent have decided on a positive approach, unwilling to let the current setback break their resolve.

A case in point is the confidence that some big and medium size, but progressive companies have shown in Apparel Resources’ latest initiative ASW Marketplace. The platform ready for launch, has been conceived to give sourcing and networking the much-needed thrust.

The ASW Marketplace has been introduced as a digital option to the highly successful ASW physical show for the suppliers and buyers to remain connected throughout the year 24×7. This is even more important today since fashion has become seasonless and the consumer is looking for new products constantly.

Notwithstanding the current market condition, buyers are searching for new products and agile suppliers. Of course, the fact that China is no longer a preferred destination has added to the thrust. What could be a better time than now to connect with new partners.

To ensure networking opportunities, engagement and knowledge exchange, regular V-Expos are conceived within the Marketplace to host theme-based boutique two-days sourcing shows for the industry while also being a platform for updating on knowledge through webinars, master classes, open house discussions and workshops.

Appreciating the opportunity, exporters from India like Goldenseams, Laguna Clothing, Indian Designs, Modelama, Creative Garments, Pratibha Syntex to name a few have already onboarded the platform. Some of the names from Bangladesh are groups like Armana, Giant, Mohammadi, Posh Garments, Laila Styles and Utah Fashions. Sri Lankan giants like Star and Timex too have joined the platform, not to forget Indonesia-based Busana Group.

It is indeed fascinating how a virtual marketplace can lay the foundation of future business and this is well understood by the progressive companies. Building relations today for tomorrow while also discussing business is the mantra!

Technology has definitely changed the dynamics of the apparel business at every stage from production to sourcing to retailing.